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Get $75 off air duct cleaning and a free quote.

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Don’t you just love fall? The colder weather brings so many joys. Falling leaves, pumpkin lattes, Halloween and Thanksgiving, and a sense of family and togetherness. Cooking and great times with family are iconic this time of year. With all the newfound spirit, though, there’s something else floating around through the air; illness. That’s right. It’s cold and flu season, and it’s going to be an aggressive one. On top of getting your flu shot and washing your hands often, did you know that getting your air ducts cleaned can prevent the spread of disease in your home? It’s something to consider if you plan on avoiding what some people call, “the plague.”

Air Ducts and Diseases

Americans spend an average of 80-90% of their time indoors. While this time is not always spent inside their own homes, most of it is, and the coming sick season spells bad news for anyone prone to illness. If you’re easily susceptible, or if you have children or elders living in your home, cleaning your air ducts can help keep your family healthy and prevent disaster. It’s worth the cost when you consider the damage the serious flu can do to your health. Don’t risk it!

How does cleaning your air ducts stop the spread of disease? It’s simple; all the air you breathe is circulated through your home in your HVAC system, and cleaning your ducts will clean your air. When a sick person coughs, the germs from their lungs are spread into the air and then circulated, increasing the risk that others in your home will get sick. If you haven’t gotten a flu shot, you’re doubly at risk. Keeping your family healthy is definitely a priority so you can enjoy all the fun and exciting things about fall without having to take a rain check.

Contact an Air Duct Cleaning Professional

Missing out on fall activities due to sickness is a real shame. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you or your family by using proper preventative care, including cleaning your air ducts. At DuctVac Northwest, we’ll give you a free consultation over the phone and put your mind at ease with our A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau. Our trained professional technicians will get the job done. Give us a call today.