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$49 Duct Cleaning? Please read

Everyone loves receiving a fantastic deal, but sometimes companies will use the "Good Deal" as a way to trick you. We cannot tell you how many times we have had to clean air ducts after the so called $49.99 air duct cleaners did their worst.

By calling several of the companies who advertise a “great deal”, and asking some questions, we found out what you get for $49.99.

An unqualified and poorly trained “technician".

Old or poorly maintained equipment.

No expertise in the industry of working on large homes or commercial jobs.

Somehow the $49.99 on the final invoice turns into something between $600 to $800.

It won’t buy you a quality Air Duct Cleaning. One that includes:

  • NADCA Certified Company

  • Highly trained employees with years of experience inspecting and cleaning air duct systems. 

  • Professional equipment for all sizes of jobs, from one bedroom houses to a commercial office building and boats.

  • A quote with NO add-on charges before, during or after the job.

  • The estimate is the price you pay! WE PROMISE.

  • An uncompromising commitment to our customer’s health, and clean air in their living/working environment.

  • References from satisfied customers, that attest to our professionalism and dedication.

DuctVac Northwest is a NADCA certified company and our specialty is improving your indoor air quality. DuctVac Northwest takes pride in our work, and when we do a cleaning it isn’t just the air ducts that we clean. We clean the registers, vents, blower, coils, and other components. That ensures that the cleaning is done thoroughly, and our customers are happy.

We will make sure you get the best service, and price that we can provide!

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