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Last updated on March 10th, 2022 at 05:03 pm

Indoor Air Quality

Data from the Environmental Protection Agency states that the indoor air quality of American homes may be seventy percent more polluted than the outside air. When you couple that astonishing number with the fact that we spend most of our time indoors, it becomes more important than ever to make sure that the air our families breathe is clean, fresh and healthy.  

Even Though We Keep Our Homes Clean, Ducts Can Be A Clogged & Dirty Mess

As heated and cooled air travels through the ducts of our homes, it collects dust and allergens and even moisture. These things are then deposited in the ducts and left to brew themselves in to all sorts of bacteria, allergens and molds that can and do make us sick if we breathe them.

Everyone Can Be Affected By Poor Air Quality

Children, elderly, and individuals with respiratory problems suffer the most. Poor indoor air quality is one of the top five environmental risks to public health according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.). Your home inhabitants can get extremely sick from breathing in mold spores, fungi and bacteria often found in our air ducts, but waiting until someone gets sick, means that the entire family has already been exposed to these harmful particles. Standard furnace filters simply are not effective in eliminating these harmful substances from our air.

Professional air duct cleaning is the only way, short of replacing the entire system, to ensure that your heating and cooling systems send air through clean ducts before it enters the rooms of your home. Duct cleaning is also very important for businesses. Your employees, customers and clients deserve to breathe the same clean, healthy air that you want for your family.  

Why Hire A Professional Air Duct Cleaner?

Not only does air duct cleaning improve the quality of the air we breathe, and maintain a healthy environment for our families, it also saves money by allowing the HVAC system to run more efficient. Clean air ducts flow better increasing the life of your air system which allows it to work more efficiently with less effort. Here is why you should hire a duct cleaning pro.

  1. Cleaning your ducts removes not only dust, dirt and allergens that have accumulated since you acquired the home, but also things like smoke and danders from past owners and their pets.  
  2. Having your ducts professionally cleaned can cut down on the dust, making your home stay cleaner and fresher longer and will less effort on your part.
  3. Clean duct work is more efficient, therefore your heating and cooling equipment do not have to work as hard.  This extends the life of the equipment and reduces your cost to run them.
  4. A pro understands and cares about your entire home.  They inspect your system for problems, and take care to protect the carpets and furnishings from any damage that the process could cause. 
  5. A professional duct cleaning company is trained, certified and has the proper tools to ensure that the job is done thoroughly and completely. 

Contact DuctVac NW Today For Healthier Air Quality Tomorrow

An area leader in the professional air duct cleaning business, DuctVac Northwest is the one to call to help improve the health of your home or business.  Their friendly, professional staff offers free quotes, along with caring, dedicated service.  DuctVac Northwest specializes only in duct cleaning, so they know ductwork inside and out.   

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