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Last updated on January 20th, 2021 at 12:25 pm


Anyone who has suffered from seasonal allergies can agree that there’s little they wouldn’t do for a bit of relief. But what if it’s possible to be in full control of one aspect of allergy symptoms? While not a concrete solution for every allergy problem, mold-free air ducts can help seasonal allergies immensely.

Dirty Air Ducts Play Host to Allergy Causing Mold

Mold has a tendency to grow in moist environments, like your air ducts. If mold is already thriving in your ducts a large blast of air from the heating or cooling (HVAC) system can easily dislodge this mold and send it right into your home.

Sound far-fetched? Unfortunately, it’s more common than people believe. Heating and cooling systems provide an excellent environment for different types of mold to grow due to the brackish and dirty standing water that’s liberally mixed with organic debris. Even simple air conditioning units are capable of breeding mold because of the many humidification systems, cooling coils, and the drain pan for condensed water.

Practice Allergy Cleaning from Air Filtration Systems

Cleaner air ducts will result in fewer dust mites, pet dander, pollen dust, and many other types of allergens inside your home. For most people, especially those who are prone to repeat allergic reactions in the upper respiratory tract allergy cleaning is a must procedure. Cleaning HVAC filtration systems help to remove harmful allergens, resulting in fewer allergy-related symptom for your and your loved ones.

Even those without allergies benefit from clean air ducts in the home. After all, breathing fresh, clean and unpolluted air is great for just about anyone’s health and well-being.

Eliminate Mold in Air Ducts with Regular Inspection and Cleaning

In order to ensure the complete removal of mold from air ducts and prevent its return, it is imperative to schedule regular duct allergy cleaning and inspections. The latter should be conducted once every six months or so.

By scheduling bi-annual duct cleanings all contaminants and pollutants will be removed, which will stop all mold growth in your air ducts, resulting in healthy, allergen-free air.

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