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Last updated on March 3rd, 2023 at 04:03 pm

 The Danger of Dirty Air Ducts

Every person, no matter how brave or courageous they are, is afraid of something. Snakes, heights, spiders, blood, etc. Most Americans have a deep fear of one thing or another. The list of potential offenders is endless. There is one very common fear that could become a reality and can have real consequences if you don’t clean your air ducts – the fear of rodents. Rats. Mice. Crawling inside your home, bringing filth into the air you breathe. Don’t let rats and mice scare you and make a mess of your filtration system. 

Get Rid of Rodents in Your Air Ducts

rats air ductsRodents like to nestle and make their homes in small places. Whether it’s under the hood of your car, the crawl spaces of your house, or the nooks and crannies in your yard, they’ll find a way into any place they’re not supposed to be. Air ducts included. They enter through the crawl space and invade your home seeking warmth, especially as the weather gets colder and colder.

And once they’re in the air ducts, they often don’t make it out, unable to find food and sustenance to keep themselves alive. Before too long, your home will smell extremely unpleasant. Those with a fear of rats and mice may find this unbearable. Heck, anyone who comes within a 50-foot radius of your home will find it unbearable!

Our trained professional technicians know exactly how to deal with infestation problems related to your air ducts. They’ve seen it all, and they have no fear in getting their hands dirty, so you don’t have to – talk about brave and courageous! They will extract the dead rodents and clean your air ducts afterward, including any potential nests, bacteria, feces, and other harmful filth from their presence, refreshing the air you breathe and making your home livable again. No one likes the idea of little rat feet sneaking around behind the walls or in your air system. Hopefully, the idea that the problem can be fixed can ease some nerves.

Consult a Duct Cleaning Specialist

Scheduling an appointment with DuctVac Northwest is quick and easy, and there are no tricks involved. At DuctVac Northwest, we’ll give you a free consultation over the phone and put your mind at ease with our A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau. Our trained professional technicians will get the job done. You can count on us to keep your air spick and span, any time of the year. Call us today to keep your ducts rodent free.