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Last updated on April 7th, 2022 at 10:57 am

Flowers are growing, trees are getting new leaves and dandelions seem to be a part of the many lawns. We all like most of the signs of spring. However, for many people, this also means the start of another season, allergy season. When the trees bloom and the grass grows that brings pollen and other particles into our home.

No one likes to have to deal with itchy eyes, runny nose, or sneezing fits. Having your air ducts cleaned is one way that you can relieve some of your allergy symptoms. The air ducts in your home are one of the numerous ways in which airborne contaminants spread all through your house.

How Dirty Air Ducts Cause Allergies

Unclean ductwork contains airborne dirt and dust, dander, and often, mildew. These types of ingredients are recognized to bring about allergic reactions in many individuals. For some people, dirty air ducts trigger year-round allergic reactions. Think about how often in a 24 hour period your heating system or air conditioning is being used.

The last thing you want is poor indoor air quality in your home causing unnecessary allergic reactions.

DuctVac Northwest Can Help With Your Spring Allergies

DuctVac Northwest is an indoor air quality company that specializes in air duct cleaning. We always offer a FREE estimate that includes an inspection of your ducts. Perhaps they don’t need to be cleaned but wouldn’t be nice to know. Fido or Fluffy may have created a problem that a duct cleaning can solve. You can call our office at (425) 939-7929 or (360) 572-0464 or click on this link to GET A QUOTE to schedule your free estimate today.

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