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There are two kinds of people. The kind that put up their Christmas trees a day before the holiday and takes it down the day after, and the kind that plays Christmas music on Halloween. Stop groaning! It’s that joyful, stressful time again. 2016 is headed to an end, and while this roller coaster of a year was interesting for a lot of us, now is a time when family becomes a priority (yes, even Sharon and Aunt Jean) and we can put aside our differences to enjoy the spirit of togetherness. The holiday season can be very fun or very stressful depending on who you are. But regardless, it’s always a time filled with good memories and lots of wine. And more memories. (And more wine.)

But what about those family members with nasty allergies? No, grandpa doesn’t cough a lot because he’s old. A gift you can give your visiting family this season is the gift of clean air in your home. Did you know that indoor air can be 3 to 5 times more contaminated than the air that you breathe outdoors? In some cases, it can even be as high as 70 times more contaminated. That sounds worse than grandma’s fruitcake. Many people wonder how this can be true since we live in such well-constructed homes, but interestingly enough, it is the new methods of construction that are causing a majority of the problems. In an effort to become much more energy efficient, many new homes are built with very little natural ventilation. With the colder weather, we keep our home closed up to keep everyone warm. Every time you turn on your heating system, you’re re-circulating this tainted air through your house. And grandpa coughs more. Help the poor man.

At DuctVac Northwest, we can help.

DuctVac Northwest is an indoor air quality company that specializes in air duct cleanings. We always offer a FREE over-the-phone consultation. Perhaps your ducts don’t need to be cleaned, but wouldn’t it be nice to know? DuctVac Northwest is a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association and the Better Business Bureau. You can call our office at (425) 939-7931 or (360) 572-0464 or click on this link GET A QUOTE to schedule your free estimate today.