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Last updated on January 20th, 2021 at 12:24 pm


In the modern age, using an air filter has become increasingly important. Many different forms of air conditioning and central heating are popular in the US. In fact, some would say that these luxuries are being taken for granted. How could they not be? We turn on our heaters when the air is chilly and our air conditioners when summer comes. Not many Americans give a thought to the quality of the air they’re pumping through their homes. However, the truth is this: if the ducts and filters of your air filtration system are not properly cleaned, the air quality in your home may be compromised.

Regular, Affordable Air Duct Maintenance Ensure Healthy Air

With some simple maintenance, it is possible to enjoy a fully functional air filtration system for many years and avoid highly expensive repair costs, allergy provocation, spreading illnesses, and so on. As a matter of fact, getting your air ducts cleaned is one of the most important tasks to ensure the healthy air in your home.

Ensuring that your air filtration filter is clean is paramount to a smooth running HVAC system. There are many different types of air filters available for households. The most common ones are pleated and easily disposable. You don’t need a fancy filter, they all serve the same purpose; to remove various contaminants from the air in your home and guarantee that the filtration system you have functions smoothly.

A Clean Air Filtration System Keeps Your Family Safe from Pollutants

As air circulates freely through your home, a well-maintained air filter will remove various, sometimes harmful, contaminants. These may include pollen grains, dust particles, pet dander, airborne illnesses, etc. Shockingly, many experts believe that filtered air inside the home is far more damaging to one’s overall health than the air outside that remains unfiltered, and therefore full of smoke, soot, and other pollutants. While our body has its own pollution-fighting system, its capabilities are heavily taxed in an environment that is full of solid and gaseous particle pollution.

Medical Conditions That Can Result From Poor Air Quality

Minor Health Problems

There are some minor health problems that can be caused by poor air quality. These are not likely to result in doctor visits; however, they can still be quite bothersome when they occur. Having a professional clean out the ducts will ensure these issues are kept to a minimum. They are:

  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Congestion

Major Health Problems

Aside from the minor health issues that may arise, there are more serious ones that can also occur. The main problem caused by poor air quality is asthma. Asthma, which makes it hard to breathe, is treatable, but it is not something that one wants to deal with. The chest will feel tight. The breath will be short. Coughing will be uncontrollable. By having air duct cleaning on a regular basis, dust will be kept to a minimum. Because the dust problem will be resolved, asthma, due to dirty air ducts, will be minimal, if apparent at all.

Another serious medical condition that can occur is eczema. This is a condition of the skin that causes patches of dryness. After itching, the skin will become rough, flaky, and will even bleed. The more itching that is done the worse it will get. Sometimes blisters can even occur.

There is no doubt that ensuring clean and fresh air in your home is a great way to keep you and your family healthy. This is only possible with a well-maintained air filtration system. Need help? Call us at (425) 215-0683 or (425) 399-7114 or schedule a consultation.